How to sexually satisfy a pregnant woman?

In a couple, it happens that sexual intercourse leads to pregnancy in the woman. Once the woman's belly grows, she becomes uncomfortable and very sensitive to sex. However, her body can express sexual desire only that, the husband may find it difficult to sleep with her. So, one wonders how to sexually satisfy a pregnant woman? This article lists some tips.


Caressing plays an important role in the sexual satisfaction of a pregnant woman, just like an ordinary woman. But since the woman is pregnant and very sensitive, you will have to change your approach a little. So, when you want to caress the breasts, you have to do it gently and avoid pressing them. Indeed, when the belly of the pregnant woman grows, her organism starts to produce the maternal milk. However, there are some women who have a fragile body which means that the milk can come out without giving birth if the breasts are pressed. For this, you should avoid squeezing the breasts but, you can suck tenderly around the nipples. By doing so, the woman's body will start to itch, which will cause her to become excited.

On the other hand, you should also lightly run your hands over the woman's belly while communicating soft words in her ears. While your wife is standing in front of you with her back to you, you can caress her clitoris with her lower abdomen.

Performing cunnilingus

By having your pregnant woman lie on her back, she will completely expose her vagina to you. So, you spread her legs slightly and then, make way for cunnilingus. With your tongue, you lick her clitoris and her vulva while continuing to pass your hands over her belly. This practice has the advantage of producing enough vibrations in the pregnant woman's body, which helps her to reach orgasm without penetration.


With the missionary position, the pregnant woman feels comfortable and ready to make love. You penetrate her gently at the risk of hurting her or damaging the cervix. The loins should be inserted slowly to avoid damaging the fetus if the woman's cervix is fragile. Depending on the woman's condition, you can vary the positions, but be sure to choose one that is comfortable for her.