Some unusual places where you can make love

The sexual intercourse is a delicate thing in the eyes of everyone because, it provides pleasure. Therefore, couples do it whenever the need arises. However, many couples express disgust with sex because of the monotony. In order to get rid of the sexual routine, it is important to be creative and to change the framework of the sexual relationship. So what are the unusual places where you can have sex? This article lists some of them.

The car

It is common to see couples going out for dinner or to a party in their car. So, these couples can use the seats of their vehicles to have sex. Indeed, car seats are not so comfortable as a bed, but they are made of foam that can facilitate the movements. For this purpose, you can park your car in a more or less isolated place to make love. The man will only have to pull down his pants a little to get his penis out and into the woman while shifting sideways his boxers. The front or rear seats of the vehicle can be used as a bed.

In the office

A partner may be busy at work all the time, preventing him from fucking his second properly. As a surprise, you can visit your wife or husband at the office. While you are there, you can start caressing and lead to penetration. The office chairs or the table can be used as a support to make love.


If you have a taste for creativity and curiosity, you can use the elevator of your building to make love. To do this, you need to make sure that the cohabitants will not need to go up or down at that very moment when you want to fuck. Thus, you introduce your partner inside to make love to her.

On the other hand, you can make love in the toilets of your homes or even in the kitchen. You can also make love in a supermarket, but away from everyone's eyes to have more privacy.