What are the different models of chastity cage on the market ?

Chastity cages are one of the sex accessories that have been gaining in popularity in recent times. You've probably been hearing about chastity cages and belts and their many benefits for users' sex lives for some time now. Of course, hearing all the benefits of this accessory may also make you want to use a chastity cage to see the pleasure it brings to those who use it. If that's the case, then you need to choose a chastity cage that really suits you. In the next few lines of this article, you'll find the various models of chastity cage available.

Electric chastity cages

Several models of chastity cage are available on the market today, offering a wide range of choice. If you have a clear idea about each one, you'll be able to make good Chastity Selections. First of all, there are electric chastity cages, a model of chastity cage made from plastic or resin. This is one of the most sophisticated and sought-after BDSM accessories. 

It is fitted with a connected box that produces low-frequency stimulation. It's ideal for men who want to experience moments of intense sensation or pain. Talking of the advantages of this model of chastity cage, it offers great sensations, whatever the degree you want. Above all, it adds spice to games of submission and domination. However, excessive use can cause painful sensations for those who don't expect it, and you need to have a good command of it before you can use it properly.

Urethra plug chastity cages 

After electric chastity cages, you have chastity cages with a urethra plug. As the name suggests, this type of cage has a rod that is inserted into the urethra. The rod or probe can be either plastic or metal, so you are free to choose the one that suits you. Its role is to offer more sensations to the wearer, but it is advisable that you wear this chastity cage temporarily. 

You also need to be careful about its hygiene, as this will protect you from the risk of infection, irritation or injury. It's also very important that you choose the urethra plug chastity cage according to your size, so that you can benefit from its comfort. It is also preferable for you to have a partner who is experienced with this model of chastity cage for beneficial use.

Chastity cages with spikes

Spiked chastity cages are accessories designed for true sadomasochism enthusiasts. These cages are made with spikes and screws. The screws are sometimes round and sometimes flat, and each one serves a specific purpose. Generally speaking, this cage allows the submissive's sex to be completely compressed, making an erection impossible. Similarly, no one can access the sex once the cage is in place. It's an accessory that offers painful sensations and advocates true abstinence from sex. However, it has to be said that a chastity cage with spikes cannot be used by a novice, as it will offer really unpleasant sensations.

Prince Albert chastity cage with half piercing

You also have a chastity cage with a rod that is inserted into a piercing hole. The piercing hole is pre-drilled on the penis to keep it straight in the cage. This is a real BDSM accessory that is not widely used. Its use requires a great deal of expertise and hygiene. Otherwise, the practitioner exposes himself to infections, which would be really unpleasant.

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